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Doing What Comes Naturally

Are you ready to get started on a brand new adventure with your canine companion? K9 Nose Work® is one of THE most fun activities you can do with your dog. It allows your dog to do what comes naturally ~ SNIFF!!

K9 Nose Work®, much like police detection work, involves searching in a variety of elements: containers, building interiors, building exteriors, and vehicles. To start, the dog is taught how to solve scent puzzles by using hidden food (what dog wouldn't like to hunt for a hunk of hot dog?) or a favorite toy. As the dog gets better at this game of hide-n-seek, three different target odors are introduced and the challenges become more difficult.

Dogs, especially those who have always relied on cues from their handlers, thrive on this newfound independence where their handler steps aside and allows them to lead the hunt. It is truly amazing to watch timid dogs gain confidence, rowdy dogs get focused, handicapped dogs find a job, and both young and old dogs have fun!

Lucy, one of my dogs, conducting a vehicle search

Watching dogs do nose work will give you a glimpse into that invisible world of scent in which they live and it may just get you hooked on this exciting activity. Check out the National Association of Canine Scent Work for more information and let your dog start doing what comes naturally.

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