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Private lessons let you work at your own pace and are customized for you and your dog.


Lessons are taught right in your home, at a time that's convenient for you.

Does your dog pester you at the table, jump on visitors, try to dart out open doors?

I'll show you how to teach your dog impulse control and more acceptable behaviors.  

BETTER MANNERS will make your lives together so much more enjoyable. 


Do you have a young dog, or a recently rescued dog?  

I’ll help you establish the beginnings of an enduring, happy relationship by teaching them important basic skills.  

A good, solid foundation will give you a lifetime of BETTER BEHAVIOR.


Are you adding a new puppy to your household? 

 I’ll help you puppy-proof your house, inside and out, and give you important advice for puppy's first stressful days away from litter-mates.  If you can’t join a a well-managed puppy class during your puppy’s first weeks home, I will show you how to prevent common problem behaviors, teach important first skills, and lay the groundwork for a BETTER PUPPY.

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