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Better Puppy

The importance of early socialization in a well-managed puppy class cannot be over-emphasized.  

But what if you can't join a class during your puppy's first weeks home?

This program includes 6 scheduled visits to your home.

The first visit ideally should be scheduled before you bring your puppy home to help you plan and prepare for your puppy's arrival.  You'll get advice on:



  • Puppy-proofing your home

  • Puppy's first day home

  • Schedules

  • House-training

  • Crate-training, size and placement

  • Puppy's development - what to expect

  • Socialization

Once your puppy is home, we will schedule five weekly follow-up visits with your puppy as an active participant. 

In these sessions we will begin laying the groundwork for good manners, teaching important first skills such as:

Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Come, and more.  

You will also learn ways to minimize or prevent common problem behaviors.  


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